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Funny Stuff I have written

During my last job search, I found these guidelines for Human Resources in the trash of a well-known company.

What the hey? I sent my
resume in anyway.

What kind of company takes 9 months to acknowledge a job application? How about even

I don't know where else to put this, or even why I thought it up, but here is a quick competency test for your

PC Market Analysis. This was a background study I did as part of a positioning report for Adaptec. I attempted to quantify the total potential market for personal computers in the U.S.
The Costs of Microsoft's Monopoly. While I was involved in an electronic debate over the DOJ's suit against Microsoft, I calculated that the Microsoft monopoly costs U.S. consumers over $200 million a year.
Market Research Survey This was a project for my Consumer Behavior and Market Research classes at the Yale school of Management. The survey was designed to study how people view the net as a resource for shopping. You can also see the results of the survey.


Chocolate Tasting Page. Every year I conduct a tastings of dark chocolate bars. This has the top chocolates over the years.

Some good
recipes to use with the above chocolate.

Places to See is my list of the top places in the world. Have a vacation but don't know where to go? This is a good start.

Here is my
list of things to take.


Persuasion Lesson This is a lesson I wrote for teaching high level Japanese Businessmen how to make persuasive speeches. I think it is an excellent course in understanding how to communicate to an audience effectively.

Macintosh Lesson. This is a short lesson that covers the basics of using a Mac to get on the net. I wrote it specifically for my Mom, but it makes a pretty good guide for any novice.

Web Construction. A summary of how to design pages and use Front Page 98 - originally designed for a class at the California College of Communications. (Despite the fact that I teach it, I do not recommend Front Page, it is buggy and unintuitive.)
And a short set of directions on how to
download from the web.