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Ever had a vacation come up and have been uncertain where to go? Guide books are usually too comprehensive and they usually make every little trivial splot on the map sound like a can't-miss proposition. So here is my listing of the top places in the world. These are biased only on my own biased personal experience. They are scored from 2 (interesting, but over-rated) to 5 (steal money to get there). No ones are permitted here.

Japan Nikko 5 Baroque carvings on these temples counterbalance usual "zen" idea of clean, simple lines.
  Nara 5 Temples of every description, that famous rock garden, that famous gold temple, and so on.
  Ryukuchukaigan 3 Terrific ocean scenery: cliffs falling off into the Pacific
  Goshikinuma 3 These 5-color lakes in the Japanese Alps reflect typical Japanese forests and mountains.
China Dali 3 -
  Great Wall 5 Great
  Guilin 5 -
Taiwan Taroko Gorge 3 -
  Food 5 From stands in the street to five star hotels: Taiwan has some of the best food anywhere.
Phillipines Beaches 4 -
Korea - - -
Thailand Bangkok 2 Hot & dirty, but the Royal Wat is a spectacular 4
  Chiang Mai  3 Pleasant tourist jungle town
Nepal Kathmandu 4 Friendly,but overly touristic, surrounded by stunning mountains & unique architecture.
India Taj Mahal 5 The perfectly balanced building
  Ellora 5 Magnificently carved temples
  Udaipur 4 -
  Khajuraho 4 Only depictions of sexual acts could have inspired the builders to carve so many intricate reliefs on the walls of these buildings.
 Tahiti Tahiti  3 A pleasant island, and don't miss the Piano Bar's show.
   Moorea 5 The best snorkling I've ever.



Pakistan Moenjadaro 3 Not much too see - just another 4000-year old city.
Jordan Petra 5 The Holy Grail of lost cities, Petra's intricately carved facades are well set off against the water-carved walls of the canyons around them.
  Jerash 2 Roman ruins.
Iraq Babylon 5 The Iraquis did a wonderful job of reconstructing this city with 20 foot high mud brick walls. I wonder if it still exists.
  Quebayesh 3 These marshes were the scenes of some fierce fighting in the Iranian war. Despite that a few of the reed houses survived.
Egypt Pyramids 4 Big blocks of rocks
  Karnak 5 Extensive Egyptian Ruins.
Turkey Cappadocia 5 Carved conical mountains.
  Pamukkule 3 Snow-white cascading calcite encasing pools of warm water.

Latin America  

Guatemala Tikal 5 Out of the world setting for Mayan 'mids admidst the forest.
Mexico Chichen Itza 4 Them guys were pretty good with the rock houses.
  Tulum 4 Ruins by the sea. Stay in the beach huts a mile to the south - if you don't mind bugs in your bed.
Belize - - -
Panama - - -
Colombia Capurgana 3 Good beaches set in the jungle. Beware of guerillas.
   Medellin 2 A beautiful spring city in the mountains
Ecuador Otavalo 3 Quaint Andean village
  Banos 2 Nice place to take a break and a bath.
Venezuela Roraima Tepuis 5 It takes a stiff six-day round trip to see the top, but the weirdly eroded rocks, the out-of-this-world plants and the crystals littering the ground make up for it.
  Santa Elena Waterfalls 3 Just a series of waterfalls: all different from each other.
Peru Macchu Picchu 5 Stupendously steep mountains form an amazing backdrop for these ruins.
  Puno (Lake Titicaca) 2 -
Bolivia Corioco 3 A jungle town with a view.
  Valle de la Lune 2 Eroded mud pinnacles.


Bulgaria Rilla Monastery 2 -
Romania Sucevita 3 -
  Hunedora 3 -
Germany Neuschwanstein 5 -
Greece Parthenon 4 -
England Stonehenge 4 Hey, a circle of rocks.