Search Engine Marketing


A. Various

  1. 1.SEOmoz | Google Search Engine Ranking Factors: Listing of Search Engine ranking factors +

  2. 2.Link ranking factors +

  3. 3.Top 100 SEO tips-Blogs & Comments

  4. 4.Study on who clicks on the first item at

  5. 5.Yahoo! Site Explorer-for inlinks and pages on site

  6. 6.localizing SEO  -Not working

  7. 7.Building the Perfect Page - Part II - The Basics: How to do the Title

  8. 8.Google Webmaster Tools

B. New

  1. 1.The Keyword Density of Non-Sense (linearization etc.)

  2. 2.Eyetracking of SE results

  3. 3.What are the best ways of buying links?

  4. 4.Search Commands

  5. 5.Essentials of Search Engine Submission

  6. 6.Keyword Density Analyzer

  7. 7.SEM Glossary

  8. 8.Results of case study: old fashioned marketing v. aggressive SEO.

C. SE History

  1. 1.History before Google

  2. 2.A Brief History of Search Engines -

  3. Very complete

General Descriptions

  1. 1.Learning Search Engine Optimization | How-to Guides for running your business from

  2. 2.SEO Case Study - Good overview of basic SEO

  3. 3.Search Engine Marketing Glossary - SEO & SEM Industry Dictionary

  4. 4.Paid or Organic?: How to decide which is better for you.

  5. 5.Generic Case Study: Quick article on how to optimize  -- Not working

  6. 6.How Google Tweaks: Updating the Google algorithm

Background Information

  1. 1.Google graphic  -- Not working

  2. 2.Howstuffworks "How Internet Search Engines Work"

  3. 3.Search Engine Ratings & Stats

  4. 4.Issues with dynamic content: article

  5. 5.Maintaining site ranking after redesign: article

  6. 6.Perils of Search Landing pages: Designing your page right ++

F. Videos

  1. 1.Talk on google at UW

  2. 2.SEO Videos - Search Engine Optimisation Video tutorials by GSINC: Some short videos on SE basics

  3. 3.YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  4. 4.SEO Videos: List of SEO related videos

  5. 5.Some SEO myths

  6. 6.Beginning Analytics: Google

  7. 7.Optimize AdWords with Google Analytics:

  8. 8.Conversion funnel: +

  9. 9.Find the Best Keywords: by analyzing what brings traffic to your site

  10. 10. Dynamic Keyword Charts: shows how they perform

  11. 11.Japan Eyetracking study: Google vs Yahoo

SEO Sites

  1. 1.Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission: Site for keeping up with Search Engine changes

  2. 2.Aaron Wall's SEO

  3. 3.WebmasterWorld News and Discussion for the Web Professional: Forums, many threads require paid subscription

  4. 4.Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

H. SEO Tools

  1. 1.SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: Shows small number of alternative keywords, with estimated search volume and direct links to many other tools  ++

  2. 2.Keyword Playground: ( Estimates Searches/month for keyword you enter

  3. 3.Google AdWords: Keyword Tool: Shows alternate keywords with competition and search volume rankings

  4. 4.Microsoft adCenter Labs: Paid Search: -- Not working

  5. 5.Microsoft adCenter Keyword Trends: -- Not working

  6. 6.MS Commercial Intentions tool: -- Not working

  7. 7.MS Demographic Prediction: -- Not working.

  8. 8.Digital Point Tools: A variety of tools, including backlink tracker, keyword ranking, keyword suggestion, etc.

  9. 9.Determine keyword difficulty: Use this tool to check keyword difficulty for good place on search engine. Other tools including link checker

  10. 10.Keyword density analyzer: Shows each word on page and what percent of text that makes up

  11. 11.Keyword Discovery - Advanced keyword research tool and search term suggestion tool: Keyword analysis. Includes analysis of searches from SE, Keyword Effectiveness analysis, spelling, etc. Paid tool.

  12. 12.Keyword Research Tool by Web CEO: Downloadable tool that shows Daily searches and how competitive a keyword is.

  13. 13.Free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software: Collection of SEO tools: Analytics, keywords, competition

  14. 14.Keyword density analyzer, and keyword placement & prominence analysis: Analyzes page content

  15. 15.Top 10 Analysis Free Internet Marketing and SEO Tool: Summary of top data: Yahoo rank, pages indexed, backlinks, edu backinks, etc

  16. 16.SEOmoz | Page Strength SEO Tool: Tells page strength, if in Yahoo, and Google, number of links in, listing in DMOZ,

  17. 17.Backlink Builder: Suggests sites you can place your URL on to build links Also, many other tools

  18. 18.Yahoo Hubfinder: Shows sites that have many important outbound links

  19. 19.Google Insights: Geographic and time trends

  20. 20. Keyword Spy: Keyword Research, Real-time

  21. 21. Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors ++

  22. 22. Google vs Bing ranking elements: a clear showing of which factors matter more to each

I. Analytics

  1. 1.Hitwise: Analyze search keywords. Paid tool.

  2. 2.Google Analytics: for adwords, requires sign on.

  3. 3.StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats: Analytics

  4. 4.Google Pagerank Lookup Report - check without toolbar

  5. 5.Page Rank: Firefox browser add-on

  6. 6.Page Rank checker

  7. 7.LinkChecker: Ensures outgoing links are OK

  8. 8.Another LinkChecker from

  9. 9.Mike’s Marketing tools: Tells you about where you rank in each Search Engine for a specific keyword.

  10. 10. MyWebSiteRanking: shows how your website ranks according to several metrics, such as Page Rank, Alexa

J. Getting Links

  1. 1.101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website : SEO Good and complete ways to get links

  2. 2.Arelis link building tool: Helps finds candidates for inbound links. Free download available.

  3. 3.List of Directories ++

  4. 4.Inbound Links: Quick overview about inbound links

  5. 5.LinkPartners: Directory of sites willing to exchange links

  6. 6.Social Media Link checker

  7. 7.Changing Domains: How to maintain your backlinks

Other Tools

  1. 1.Marketleap keyword verification: Shows where your site appears in major search engines for a particular key word

  2. 2.Marketleap link popularity: Number of inbound links vs. your competitor -- Not working

  3. 3.OptiLink Link analysis: Link popularity, Keyword density, backlink site suggestion. Free JavaScript download.

  4. 4.Backlinks and PageRank analyzer software / PR Weaver: Free downloadable browser tool

  5. 5.Google Submit: get spidered by Google

  6. 6.Yahoo Submit: Free listing or pay for expedited service

  7. 7.Live Submit

L. Advertising

  1. 1.Most Expensive Google Adwords: Good and complete ways to get inbound links

M. Business Analysis

  1. 2.Quantcast: Demographic and other information about a site.

  2. 3.Venturebeatprofile: Users opinions about site

Chocolate Tasting

Programmatic Guide to SEO:  Step by Step